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We offer creative, targeted & impact-driven real estate branding and blogging solutions, Google, user-optimized website and blog design and content that funnels folks further into your content, killer copy-writing services that sell for you, and a very unique, action-oriented coaching program that delivers results based on your specific challenges and goals. Combined with what we call “luxury client support”, our clients KNOW exactly what they’re investing in and see the benefits and immediate results.

Plus, we make sure your expectations, our process and any questions or concerns are clear for the full duration of our time together so you don’t get stuck with untimely requests, hidden fees or a burning sensation when you pee.

We consider our Real Estate Blog Experts to be the best in the industry. As professional Real Estate Social Media Marketers and Blogging Experts, we work remotely for our clients. The virtual world is expanding so quickly, that it is hard for businesses to keep up. New technology requires training and additional time to implement. Many businesses don’t have the time or staffing to keep up with industry changes. We are professionally trained, use only Native U.S. assistants and are incredibly affordable.  Many Social Media Companies offer services to anyone from a dog trainer to a doctor. We believe in our micro-niche to provide the very best technology, knowledge and service for Real Estate, and only Real Estate.

Here at Real Estate Blog Experts, we believe that social media marketing and mobile marketing are where you should be spending your time. However, the more time you spend on Social Marketing, the less time you have to work and make money. So our Team at Real Estate Blog Experts has developed affordable and unique strategies for our clients to get them more online exposure and better search engine ranking.

Kathy Goldman opened the doors in 1996 as a general Virtual Assistant but decided she needed to focus on something where she could really add better value for her clients; so she turned to real estate. She had to learn everything she could from the vendors and service providers because there were no formal training programs available. That changed when she partnered with another REVA to build a Training Website to help other VAs enhance their services and to teach others who wanted to be able to work from home. This was the first Comprehensive REVA program available.


Below you will see some statistics from NAR and a list of some of the BENEFITS of working with a REVA or VA.

3 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Marketing Specialist

Not Sure How It Works?

Social Media Marketing is more than just posting a comment here and there. There is an entire game plan involved in creating a successful Social Media Marketing Strategy. Hiring a professional is a foolproof way to get ahead of the game. These are  people who understand each of the platforms and which ones you should be using and how to make the most of the interaction on the platform.


  • Brand Recognition
  • Reduce Marketing Costs
  • Increased Traffic
  • Higher Search Engine Ranking

Rather than taking the time and spending the money to learn what these people already know, you should hire someone who knows these platforms inside and out and knows how to gauge user engagement with expert and unique content.

Professionals Use the Right Resources

Social media marketing can be a full-time commitment. Running successful pages can require anywhere between a few hours to an entire month of commitment. This depends on your content and your strategy. Social media marketing can effectively drain small business resources, from staffing to the time. If you use a staff member, results still might not be seen because they are not trained to get results.

Get the Advantage Over the Competition

Professionals know what needs to be done and can do it more efficiently and effectively. Despite its increasing popularity, social media marketing is a channel that many businesses have yet to adopt and those that have, generally take the “anyone can do it” approach.

By hiring the professionals, businesses can free up their time and focus on other aspects of their business – while still seeing growth from their online marketing. Don’t deal with the day-to-day functions of consistently creating, scheduling and posting content.

Not Rocket Science

Social Media Marketing doesn’t have to be Rocket Science, but it’s certainly more complex than talking to the cat.

One of the more difficult facets of operating a social media campaign is coming up with fresh, original posts to gain user engagement. You must post consistently. Social media marketing doesn’t perform well if neglected (unsurprisingly), and it has become increasingly important to make sure there is a consistent flow of new and expert information to entice a reader to LIKE or SHARE the information and to return again. You are busy, one of the best reasons to hire someone for your social media marketing is because you can rely on constant content generation. This content will be cutting edge, unique, industry-related and on track with what is trending in the digital atmosphere.

The amount of time people spend on social media is constantly increasing. Teens now spend up to nine hours a day on social platforms. The majority of that time (60% of social media time spent) is on a mobile device (smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc.)

For many of us, social media has to be a part of our daily routine.

We check Facebook while waiting in line at the grocery store, watch a few YouTube videos as we’re cooking dinner, and open up Twitter throughout the day to see what’s trending.

Why would you possibly spend almost 5 1/2 years on social media? Don’t you have other things to do that actually pay the bills? Social Media is important to marketing your business, but YOU don’t have to be the one doing it! Hire the Social Marketing Fusion. Get it done, get it done right and reap the rewards of better online ranking and more leads.

How much time does social media take up in a lifetime?

Influencer marketing agency, Mediakix, estimates the grand total is somewhere near five years and four months!

How much time do we spend each day on Social Media Marketing?

How much time do we spent on social media?

The average amount of time a person spends daily on each social platform. (Source:

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